I felt it would have been pretentious to name this page “films”, even if I had managed to make more than one over the past…(*checks watch*) eleven or so years. In my defense, I did make quite a few work-related videos during my three to five years working as a multimedia producer. You probably wouldn’t be interested, trust me. I do intend to get back into making short “films” as soon as I get settled into my new place in the world.

Interview with a REAL Vampire (2010)

After inviting a real vampire onto his web show so he can be turned into one in front of his audience, Wesley soon discovers that being a vampire sucks. Yes, this is the only short I have made to date.

This was shot in standard definition over the course of one day. We used a single camera (that used mini-DV tapes), and I edited the footage to make it look like we had three cameras.

Interview with a REAL Vampire Outtakes Reel

Making this short was one of the most fun and challenging creative experiences of my life. Some viewers laugh harder at the outtakes than they do the short itself. That’s life, I guess.


This is a creepy short video based on one of my poems, animated by Thomas Scott Cecil and narrated by me. Thomas did an amazing job, mostly with After Effects, and I added some sound effects to amp up the creep factor.

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