Click on any of the images to see full screen. (They are not the full-res versions, so don’t expect tons of detail and sharpness when magnified). The side-by-side images show the RAW and untouched file on the left, and the color-corrected and retouched image on the right. My aim is to tread lightly when retouching photos, and to do only what I feel is necessary to create the best photo possible. I use the Color Checker Passport for color correction, and a variety of Photoshop tools to do my retouching. (The “BFP” watermark stands for Black Feather Photo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Avian Entertainment, LLC.)


I first photographed Okima as a coworker (I shot her professional photo), at which time I asked if she had ever modeled before. She had not, and graciously agreed to a shoot outside of work. I found this location a couple of blocks from where we worked in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District that had great leading lines that all pointed to the model. Even with no experience, Okima was so natural that her shots are among the best I have taken.


I connected with Jen online through an ad for models. We shot at the MAX light rail station near the downtown library during the worst conditions (around 1:00 p.m. in bright sunlight), but we were able to find enough shade to make it work. Jen wanted to wear a red dress she liked, which contrasted well against the grayish background.


I shot Brandy in Tanner Springs Park, Portland, Oregon. We didn’t have a permit but still managed to clear the background of people by asking them nicely to move. Brandy preferred the natural look and didn’t wear makeup to the shoot. Although the contrast between the two images looks extreme, the model and I were both happy with the end result.


Despite being the youngest model I’ve worked with, Lacy was prompt and professional. We shot only a couple of blocks from Tanner Springs Park, not long after we had wrapped up with Brandy. It was warm for October, but Lacy didn’t complain one bit about climbing walls and posing in a leather jacket.


This shoot took place on the Tilikum Crossing Bridge in Portland, Oregon. Hannah was a blast to work with, and her images required the least amount of retouching. We got in the way of several people trying to bike across the bridge, who cursed at us for blocking an active bike path. It was more than worth it.


This Russian model showed up ready to go and did not disappoint. She needed the least amount of direction of any model I’ve worked with; she seemed to know what pose I was looking for at all times. We shot on the Broadway Bridge in Portland, Oregon, where we had to be careful not to get run over by cyclists whipping past us.

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