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The only way to escape madness…is to embrace it.

D.E. Ladd digs up thirteen horror stories that will creep in and take root in your mind.

Moonlight Roses invites you to join a husband and wife science team as they create a dangerous organism designed to consume all human waste on the planet. Serve time with a woman held in a cramped dungeon, tormented by shattered memories and the sound of her ex-boyfriend’s insane laughter from an adjoining cell. Ride along with a young man as he gears up for the race of his life against a deadly opponent known as the Road Ripper. As you scurry from one tale to the next, you will come to realize that evil takes root at night…and terror blossoms best in the moonlight.

Moonlight Roses explores a variety of chilling horror and features inhuman creatures as well as the evil living within every human soul. This collection is aimed at those who enjoy thriller and disturbing suspense stories with a dark and bloody edge. 

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