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The hardest way to move forward…is pushing through a past you want to forget.

At a glance, Laura Alman is a focused professional standing tall at the pinnacle of her career. Engaged to a man who mirrors her success, Laura’s posh lifestyle has become a big part of who she is. Until her drizzly morning commute is disrupted by a ghost from her past—a scruffy free spirit in a Jeep singing without a care as he’s pelted by the rain. This chance encounter awakens something inside Laura, causing her to question how she went from a blue-jean girl working on a horse ranch to a refined and polished marketing executive. As she tracks down the man in the Jeep, friction develops between her and her boss, and a pang of regret leads her to reconnect with her estranged mother. Before Laura can give love a second chance, she must relive painful memories from a reckless youth as her past and present collide.


Circle of When is a drama with bursts of romance and light comedy sprinkled throughout. It is best described as one woman’s emotional journey to face the darkness of her troubled past in order to find peace and new love in the present.

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