It’s hard to beat a satisfying, immersive audiobook, and I take great pride and pleasure in producing my own (mostly shorts for now). Drop by the Contact page and get on my mailing list so you’ll be notified every time a new one drops.

The Penny Ghost 

Genre: Horror, ghost stories

Rating: Suitable for all audiences

Run time: 14:03

This true story is my debut audiobook, which I recorded by myself in a walk-in closet. It’s the tale of an unsettling event that happened to me as a child, on a quiet autumn day when I was at home alone. Well, I thought I was alone…

A Place for Turil 

Genre: Horror

Rating: Mature audiences (violence, language)

Run time: 15:51

Turil awakens cold and naked in a cramped dungeon. A madman calls her name from somewhere nearby. Where is she? How did she get here? And how does she get out?

Dod the Avenger 

Genre: Sci-fi, humor 

Rating: Suitable for all audiences

Run time: 14:19

An angry alien named Dod visits Earth and encounters Jules, a confused and horrified teen who ends up serving as his guide. The bizarre journey leads to the White House, where Dod delivers his grim message to humanity.

The Goat 

Genre: Horror 

Rating: Suitable for all audiences

Run time: 22:02

Ellen and Jude Chase set out to create an organism capable of consuming all types of human waste products to improve the planet. Their good intentions and hasty efforts plunge them into a nightmare.

Footprints in the Snow (A Christmas Story)

Genre: Drama 

Rating: Suitable for all audiences

Run time: 22:02

Elaine, a mother of two, struggles with the endless demands of providing for her family during the holidays. A scare on Christmas Eve forces her to confront an inner childhood pain she has been carrying for far too long.

Special note: Technically, Footprints in the Snow was my first audiobook, though I hired the talents of professional voice actor and dear friend, Hannah Wachter, to do the reading; I handled all of the production and editing, and the cover design.


Road Ripper (a five-part audiobook)

Genre: Horror 

Rating: Mature audiences (violence, language)

A faceless driver in a black teardrop on wheels has been terrorizing the quiet New England town of Wardsville. With the fastest car in town, Rick Barnet plans to end the town’s curse by challenging the Road Ripper to a race that could cost him his soul.

More audiobooks coming soon!

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