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Nothing is so comforting as a glimmer of strangeness in a familiar world.

D.E. Ladd offers up a diverse collection of dramatic and comical fiction set in the past, the present, and the dystopian future.

A Dreamer’s Dance flings the reader from a hopelessly romantic “serial idiot” in clumsy pursuit of a woman’s affection, to a dark comedy involving an old barn, an abusive ex-boyfriend, and a chainsaw. A mother of two struggles with self-doubt over her parenting and shopping skills on Christmas Eve, and a dumbfounded teen joins an alien invader on a mission to deliver an ominous warning to the people of Earth. Unique characters and worlds align to tell stories that are dramatic, sometimes dark, and often comical—but never dull.

This collection swings from drama to dark humor to romantic comedy, with a detour into a few stories that defy description.

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